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Second Quarter 2024 Newsletter


Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality

Although Sanni Triveni is a rural municipality and locals here face increasing problems and difficulties; through systematic, sustainable development, the youth of Sanni Triveni can grow a stronger future.

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No Limits Nepal was founded to empower rural Nepal through education, health, and community-centered programs.

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74% of men have at least partial literacy,
while only 51% of women have at least partial literacy

- 2011 Official Nepal Census Data

We work towards the future…

through projects that secure our vision for the village.

Potential Impact

High transportation costs due to a beautiful, but deadly terrain, have slowed direct assistance to the region.

Needed Support

Local insights and connections allow for the right support to be delivered at the right time.

Direct Results

Our members and leaders have deep local roots in the community, allowing us to expand the impact of your support.