Our vision begins with…

Education for all. Health for all. A community for all.


Changing the narrative on powerful education.

In our village, like many in Nepal, we grapple with chronic shortages in staffing, training, and funding. Our vision is centered on empowering students, teachers, and parents to cultivate a nurturing learning environment. An environment designed to foster accountability, growth, and a commitment lifelong learning.


Reaffirming the right of health care for all.

Local health care infrastructure particularly eye, dental, chronic diseases, and pregnancy services, are urgently lacking. Our vision enables community members to lead healthy lives right from their homes. By addressing these gaps, we aim to provide peace of mind in health, fostering a stronger future for the young generations of Sanni.


Sustaining the culture foundation of our community.

The rich and beautiful culture of Sanni deserves a tale as enduring as its history. Our vision is precisely that — to chronicle and sustain the cultural legacy of our village. We aim to couple essential infrastructure development with a dedicated emphasis on preserving and raising awareness about the vibrant heritage that defines Sanni.