Dive in to an immersive Nepal experience

No Limits Nepal offers an immersive experience into Nepali culture and society. We have developed a diverse and unique program for individuals from all backgrounds. In our program, you will spend time connecting with our community while contributing to our mission of empowerment and sustainable development.

Our Vision for our Volunteers

No Limits Nepal was founded by two young men, Philip and Khemraj. Philip, originating from the US, first came to Nepal as a volunteer teacher. During this time, Philip and Khemraj connected over their passion for helping others. This program is built out of that passion for helping others. It emphasizes a truly immersive experience into village life in Nepal with volunteers contributing to our community and the local‘s that create it. Khemraj’s village, our No Limits Nepal community, is based in a rural district of Nepal.

A 4-minute video about the district of Kalikot

Logan: Our First Volunteer

In the Fall of 2023 our first volunteer, Logan, joined our community. Logan’s experience in the village showcases our dream for this program in every way. Logan exemplified the No Limits Nepal character: a loving, compassionate, open-minded, adventurous individual excited to make a real difference. Throughout his stay, Logan grew close to the community, especially the youth, who he spent his days teaching and growing together.

Logan’s volunteer program was adapted to fit his circumstances and preference. Initially Logan joined us for three months in 2023, returning home for the winter holidays. After a month with his family, Logan returned to the village in 2024 for another five months. No Limits Nepal is happy to accommodate our volunteers.

The length of a volunteer’s stay will often determine the quality of their stay. As with Logan, over his eight months in the community, he has become deeply connected with the students and built friendships that will stay with him for a lifetime. No Limits Nepal encourages all volunteers to think strongly about desire for volunteering and how much time they are able to commit to connecting with our community.

Oh, the smiles to be had

The laughter to be heard

The memories to never forget

Are you ready to begin?

Receive our in depth volunteer manual and get ready to pack your bags

As a volunteer with No Limits Nepal you will build upon Logan’s legacy. Teaching in our partner school, you will have classes as well as workshops in our library. You will experience local cultural festivities, birthdays and newborn celebrations. Night’s filled with music, dance, and excitement will fill your memories of your time in Nepal. The breathtaking natural beauty of Nepal will be the symphony to your morning sunrise. As a volunteer you will not only be a teacher, but a friend to the future leaders of our village. Our community is ready to welcome you into our family.