1st Annual Community Eye Health Screening

Goal: $3000 | Raised: $3000 | Status: Complete



In April 2023, No Limits Nepal hosted a community eye health screening for at-risk locals. The screening evaluated the need of glasses, medication, or further surgery. Glasses and medication were given free of cost when needed.

Our No Limits team is so happy to have completed our first health program partnered with doctors from Bheri Hospital in Nepalgunj. We look forward to working with our partners in the future to continue expanding eye care in our community.

No Limits Nepal believes in every community members right to accessible health services. An individuals access to quality health services directly impacts their mobility and overall quality of life.

While basic medical services are available in the village, more technical health specializations, such as eye treatments, are not available. This was a major opportunity for Sanni community members young and old. Our longterm objective is to identify chronic illnesses and ailments, that would otherwise go undetected, and facilitate treatment. Over 3 days we hosted health screenings in wards 4 & 6 of Sanni Triveni Municipality with hopes of screening 200 patients per day.

The largest expense for this program was the glasses and medicine we distributed, free of cost, to locals. We provided quality metal-frame glasses at wholesale cost of 380 rupees or about $2.95, estimating a need of about 400 glasses. In terms of eye medicine we providing eye drops (both lubricating and antibiotic), antibiotics (pills and ointments), as well as, anti-glaucoma medicine. The total estimated cost for all eye medicine is 1,50,000 rupees or about $1,155. Other costs include doctor and nurse payments, transportation, and medical supplies to perform the screenings. Overall the total cost for the screening is estimated at 4,00,000 NPR or about $3,075.

Our April 2022 Eye Health Program was a huge success! We were able to screen over 1,000 locals, distribute over 1300 medicines, and 400 pairs of glasses. We collected data of over 80 locals in need of cataract surgery and another 15 youth in urgent need of glasses. In the next months we sourced and provided high-quality, custom-made glasses for those urgently in need. The response in the village to our program has been overwhelming. Support for more programs like this grows alongside hope for the future of the village.

Ward 6 of Sanni Triveni with neighboring municipality Raskot in the backdrop.

Moments from our 2023 eye health screening