2nd Annual Community Eye Health Screening

Goal: $3600 | Raised: $0 | Status: Ongoing



After our tremendous success of our first eye screening in 2023, the need for sustained and reliable eye care is clear. This year, No Limits Nepal will be hosting our second annual community eye health screening for locals. The screening will evaluate for the need of glasses, medication, or further surgery.
After our last screening 38 people were identified as in need of surgery and will be receiving treatment. They will be going to a hospital in our neighboring district, Achham, a five hour drive, where they will be assessed and given proper treatment. In collaboration with BBH Eye Foundation and CHFN, we are able to provide the operations, transport, food, and lodging free of charge.
No Limits Nepal is reaffirmed in our mission to provide quality eye care to the locals of Sanni Triveni. This year’s program will highlight our commitment to sustainable programs. With lessons from our first screening, No Limits Nepal aims to reach more patients and spread the word that these programs are here to stay!

The largest expense for this program are the glasses and medicine to be distributed. This year, eye screenings will be free for all while small fees will be levied for glasses and medication to ensure that only patients in need will take the resources. The program will be held for 3 days and aim to screen over 1,000 locals. This year a sizable portion of the budget is to purchase equipment to be used every year in our annual eye screenings. Overall the cost for the screening is estimated at about $2,500 with the equipment purchase estimated at $1,125.

Ward 6 of Sanni Triveni with neighboring municipality Raskot in the backdrop.

No Limits Nepal will purchase the following equipment for our yearly screening programs:
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Retinal Scope
  • Trial Set

Trial set

Retinal Scope

Our No Limits team is excited to continue working with our passionate and caring doctors from Bheri Hospital in Nepalgunj. Working with our partners, our team is currently sourcing glasses and medicines to provide after a patient’s screening.