Classroom Creation

Goal: $1800 | Raised: $1800 | Status: Complete


1/28/20231 min read

Our No Limits team successfully completed our first school infrastructure development program 📍

In the beginning of 2023 we asked for your help in creating two new classrooms at our local primary school. They allowed for the school to provide to every grade level on a daily basis. Previously the school served 9 grades (pre-k through 8) with only 7 classrooms.

Our plan was to utilize a damaged building on school grounds by refurbishing the structure and installing carpet in order for classes 1 and 2 to learn in a group setting. We furnished the classrooms with group tables that are low to the ground, whiteboards, and bookshelves.

After reviewing the goals and shortcomings of education in the area, we realized a goal for student-centered learning environments. While we refurbished the building we also painted murals on the surrounding school exterior walls.