Classroom Renovation

Goal: $2,700 | Raised: $2,700 | Status: Complete


3/15/20242 min read

In March 2024, we renovated the oldest building in the school. Previously, water seeped through the mud walls, floors and open windows in these three classrooms. It created an unstable and uncomfortable learning environment for the students.

The renovations included three classrooms for the upper grades (classes 6, 7 & 8). To improve the building, we plastered the inside and outside walls with cement to seal them from the monsoon rains, and install weather proof shutters on the windows. Once plastered, the inside was painted.

The classrooms were unsealed and unpainted, allowing for the rain to come in from all sides

The goal of this program was to complete the classroom renovations for the entire school. With classrooms ready to learn in, we can move towards other sustainable efforts at increasing the quality of education and maximizing student success in our school.

The newly renovated classrooms are now being used by students to learn in a safe and accommodating environment. With welcoming classrooms in every part of our partner school, No Limits Nepal will continue investing in our students, the quality of their education, and the future they have yet to visualize.