Library Center Creation

Goal: $1200 | Raised: $1300 | Status: Completed


1/10/20243 min read

Our No Limits team successfully completed our library creation program 📍

In September 2023, our first volunteer, Logan, embraced our community in Sanni Triveni with an open heart and a contagious zest for life. Over the past three months, he immersed himself in connecting with community members, learning their culture and stories. Logan dedicated his time to teaching students in the local school, evolving into their friend and mentor. By adopting the local lifestyle, he became an integral part of Sanni.

The fondness Logan has earned from the students is indescribable, and his impact on the learning environment has been immense. As this year concludes, Logan will return to the United States. During his time with family and friends, he plans to organize resources and support to establish a library in the local primary school, leaving a lasting legacy of education and community enrichment.

After discussions with the local primary school administrators, a room in the school was allocated for us to transform into a library and resource center for students of all ages.

The whole idea to build the library started because I realized that they wanted to read but the English textbooks are the only English literature in the school and in the village, and they simply can’t understand any of it because it’s so far above the level that they are reading at. I want to provide them with more mangeable books so they can grow as readers instead of struggling to understand big words and complex grammar. It would be a lot easier to teach if there was more than just the textbooks to go off of. I’ve always had a desire to make education more accessible because I truly believe it is the most valuable and indispensable tool in life.

I hope the library opens a window for students, into the world outside of the village, allowing them to better understand the world they live in. I want them to have more and not be limited by the lack of resources, resources that I grew up surrounded by and was able to take for granted. I feel so fortunate and privileged to have the education I did and if I can give them even just a slice of it I will be satisfied. I hope the library is a space for fun and learning and inspires them to do whatever they can think of (Ayush wants to go to space and I doubt he had read a book about it, I want him to be able to do that). But it’s not just about books, I want them to be able to have a space to do art and play games and stimulate their minds.


No Limits Nepal supported Logan in this mission. The library has now been established but the work has just begun.
We will continue to supply and staff the library for a sustainable path forward. Make a contribution to support access to creativity and books for all our students.

A model of the library designed by logan

This is only the second library in all of Sanni Triveni, and the first in Ward 4 where we are located. Books are now closer than ever. Now, students don’t have to go to one of the nearest cities, two days of travel, for their books. Thank you to all of our sponsors who supported the project and made it possible. Over 160 students and all the people from our community can now read to their heart’s content.