Women's Health Awareness and Pad Distribution

Goal: $1000 | Raised: $1000 | Status: Completed



With the help of our local youth leaders, No Limits Nepal successfully executed a reusable menstrual pad distribution along with a community women’s health awareness program.

This is a great opportunity that will allow me to fulfill my passion to help others, by changing lives and impacting society with positive action.

Manisha Bam

I'm very excited to work on the health program since it's actually going to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s going to create a healthier society and bring out many positive attitudes, behaviors and, thoughts.

Sujata Bam

I am genuinely excited to work on this project as our efforts will bring positive change to Sanni by making life healthier and improving the physical, emotional and, social health of our village.

Kritika Shahi

I enjoy doing health related activities, especially in my own community, and since childhood I have dreamt of being able to accomplish a program like this.

Rejina Bam

Our health program in 2022 took a two-pronged approach to establish a productive dialogue through our health program and to introduce quality, reusable pads as the norm for menstrual needs in the village.

While there are public health implications for menstrual health and awareness, there are also cultural impacts just as profound. It is our goal to take this first step in changing the common trend of menstrual stigmatization that takes place across rural communities in Nepal, like Sanni. While the government has now banned menstrual huts, the practice still takes place and the overall culture of menstrual stigma is very predominant. This first health program will launch our health dialogue in the community and create a space for constructive rhetoric to take place as we move forward.

There are many possibilities for sustainable production of reusable menstrual pads for the village of Sanni however this year we want to focus on introducing a high quality standard and begin the conversation on moving forward. As such we have sourced our pads from Saukhyam, an Indian based NGO that has made its name in manufacturing resuable pads in an ethical manner. The total price per pack of pads is 500 NPR or about $4.15. Each pack will include 2 liners and 3 fillers of quality, washable cotton pads. The base layer includes a leakproof layer for extra piece of mind.