Student Supply Distribution

Goal: $1300 | Raised: $1300 | Status: Completed



Our Ward 4 School Partners

For our first student enrichment program we focused on three government schools in Ward 4.

As a new organization in the community we have big ideas for the future but, No Limits Nepal understands that no challenge is too small. While we have a bright vision for enriching community schools in Sanni, first we must allow each student to come to school with the materials to learn. That is why, for our first year, we funded 150 student packages at three different government schools. For our initial student enrichment program we focused on Ward 4 of Sanni Triveni, with plans to provide student packages to all students in need.

We know that the possibilities are endless and we are excited to grow longterm relationships with the schools in our community. By providing students with the stationary, pens, and backpacks, we hope to expand the possibilities for our future with Sanni schools. Our student packages have an estimated cost of 1,50,000 NPR total, equivalent to 1000 NPR per student or about $8.35/student. These costs include manufacturing and transportation to the village.

What's in a student package?

We source our resources at the lowest manufacturing price possible in order to make our impact zone larger.


Will feature No Limits Nepal Logo instead of CAT

Notebook (9)

Will feature No Limits Nepal logo instead of normal cover

Dot Pen (2)

The best quality pen available across Nepal. When students want a good pen they look for a dot pen. Plain and simple.